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Exhibition at the Centre Hospitalier des Quatre Villes

I am thrilled to share that my series of lino prints and sculptures are currently on display at the Centre Hospitalier des Quatre Villes - Saint-Cloud.

"Un artiste, un commerçant" at Le Carré

The opening of the event organized by la ville de Saint-Cloud "Un artiste, un commerçant" will be held at Le Carré gallery. I I am delighted to showcase lino prints alongside other talented artists.

"Prière de Toucher" Performance and Sculpture Exhibition at INECAT - Paris

I am thrilled to announce my participation to "Fenêtres" in the upcoming Open House event at INECAT in Paris with "Prière de Toucher" ("Please Touch") performance and exhibition. It will be preceded by "Terre... Prière de Toucher" art workshop.

The event will take place from Sept 29 to October 1, 2023. 

Between 2pm and 3:30pm: “Terre... Prière de Toucher”

Lino Prints Exhibition

On the occasion of the "Journée de l'estampe contemporaine", I will be exhibiting my lino prints at Saint-Sulpice in Paris on June 12-13,  along with other engravers.